The middle of the beginning

Well, happy whatever time of day you've joined me! 

I'm Ashley. 


I am a teacher, who loves teaching, and learning about teaching, and becoming a better teacher, but also I'm a person. I'm a person who is newly married, has a Labradoodle who changed my life, and is currently fine tuning the balance between all these wonderful things. 

This is not my first foray in blogging. I started blogging in 2010, blogged every weekday in 2105 and blogged a handful of times in 2016. Blogging, in it's various versions in the last 7 years, has helped me process, share and document and it has served me well. I really enjoy it. 

Why am I picking up the metaphorical pen again? 
It's time. I want a space where I can come to process, share and document again, focusing on my professional pursuits but keeping it true to who I am as a person. (That's super important to me. I'm a teacher... but also a person). 

Care to join me in the middle of my beginning? I promise to share the funny bits too.